National Signing Day

For the true college football fans out there (like me) tomorrow is a big day. February 1st  is National Signing Day, the day when football teams sign the high school seniors they’ve spent the past few years recruiting, courting, impressing and providing numerous false promises of playing time and a fast track to the NFL. I’m excited to see who my team (the Iowa Hawkeyes) will sign to be our future quarterback, offensive line and free safety. However, the fact that I care about it is incredibly creepy. I mean really, is it appropriate to care where an 18 year old goes to college? The correct answer is no. It is appropriate however for me to care where you go to graduate school, and while we lack the recruiting budget of the Iowa Hawkeye football team, I can do my best to make you a member of our future team. Before that can happen, we need to finish reviewing all the applications. As of today, we have 606 complete applications to review. If your application remains incomplete please do your best to send in the outstanding documents. If you are applying to the PhD program and your application is still incomplete you have about two weeks to complete it before it is too late to be considered for next fall’s class.

Be a member of our five star recruiting class, won’t ya? Complete your application and make it happen.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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