A Brief Update

Last week, I gave a quick update of how far along the Office of Graduate Studies is with processing the mail.  Unfortunately, not much has changed from last week since the mail keeps coming. This week, I’m too tired to write about office pets or my resolutions. Instead, I’ll provide a few quick updates so I can get back to reviewing applications.  Also, I’m feeling kind of bitter and snarky tonight after a rough day. Yes, I’m listening to Enya on Spotify, what?

1. The Office is Graduate Studies is still about 5-7 business days behind in processing documents that have been mailed or uploaded. This means if you’re not seeing your documents in your WebCentral checklist, don’t panic, just wait they will show up.

2. ETS is about 10 business days delayed in sending us GRE scores. So, if you took the GRE recently and don’t see it showing up in your WebCentral Checklist please wait a few days.

3. The “Deadline” is Sunday January 15th. The University of Denver is closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 16th. Brad Miller will be out of the office on Tuesday January 17th due to a teacher inservice at his son’s school (if you need me I’ll be at the zoo). All this is to say PLEASE DO NOT PANIC IF YOUR DOCUMENTS ARRIVE A FEW DAYS LATE. As you can see, I won’t even be in the Office until Wednesday of next week so rest assured we will not notice if it arrives late. Save yourself the $17.80 for overnight shipping and buy yourself a latte.

For all of you outside of Denver, we’re finally getting snow, please return to the slopes!

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions




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