Back from break!

Happy New  Year!

On behalf of the Office of Graduate Admissions, I wish you many personal, professional and academic successes in 2012. I have a feeling it will be a terrific year and our 2012 cohort is going to be one of the best on record.

We are wrapping up the first week of the winter 2012 quarter and you can definitely differentiate between the first-year and second-year students, when asked, “How was your break?”

Typical first-year student response: “It was good. I read a lot of books but it was too long. I was bored…it’s great to be back.”
Typical second-year student response: “It went way too fast, I wish we had a few more weeks.”

Little do the first-year students know, the next 20 weeks of their lives will be rather intense, to say the least. You see, we have a nice long  break between the fall and winter quarters. Six weeks to be exact. However, the long haul has just begun – 10 weeks of classes, a week for spring break (at which time, many courses require final papers during that week) and then another ten weeks of classes. By finals week of spring quarter,  (June 4-7), the cafe can hardly keep up with the queue of bloodshot eyed, nail-biting, walking zombies.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

However, if you have yet to submit your application, time is ticking! The January 15 priority deadline is quickly approaching. Our office has received quite a few calls this week from applicants who haven’t hit the submit button and are checking to see if we received their transcripts, letters of rec, GRE scores, etc. Here’s the challenge: until you hit the submit button, we cannot review your electronic file because… you don’t have one! So do yourself (and us) a favor and make the final tweaks to your statement of purpose and resume and submit your application so we can better assist you!  I look forward to seeing your application next week.

click submit

Enjoy the weekend,

Nicole Vilegi-Sandage
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Josef Korbel School of International Studies



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