A few of my favorite things

I have a confession – while I’m not much of a holiday person, I secretly love cheesy Christmas movies. Top of the list: A Christmas Story. My dad and I used to watch the 24 hour loop, laughing hysterically each time Ralphie nearly shot his eye out, when he walks down the stairs in his fabulous pink bunny pjs and gets the good ole Ivory soap in his mouth after his f-bomb slip up. A close second: The Sound of Music.  Whether I watch it or not, right around this week each year,  like clockwork, I begin humming, “My Favorite Things,” in what I like to think, is comparable Julie Andrews voice.

So in ode to my singing buddy Julie, here are a few of my favorite (Josef Korbel School) things:

1. Increased pageviews on our How to Apply and Admissions FAQ pages. I like to geek out on google analytics as often as I can and few things delights me more on M-F, 8-4:30 than to see that ya’ll are checking out our website, gathering oodles of information and making informed decisions.

2. Complete applications and supplemental documents submitted on or before January 15th. What can I say, it’s the simple things in life that give us joy around here.

3. Kaladi Brother’s Coffee. If you apply, are accepted and join the Josef Korbel School student body, you need to know about this teeny tiny coffee shop about four blocks from our building. Even though Starbucks is directly across the street from this place, Kaladi’s holds its own and you will understand why when you’re initiated into the world of Kaladi’s coffee. Go early or at off-peak hours if you want to sit and sip there.

4. The corkiness of our admissions office. I love that we work our bones off yet have fun too. People tend to pass by our office and say, “you guys have too much fun.” While there are certainly days when we are holed up in our offices, we try to play the brain game on a weekly basis, brainstorm better names for our pink chicken (currently named pink chicken) and cheer when someone finds a garbage can full of expired vending machine food (Cheetos don’t really expire, do they?). We should create an iSpy app for our office and make it a requirement for all applicants to successfully find all of the misfit toys in our office (read Brad’s previous post to learn more about our fun office friends).

It’s Friday – 1pm and the University officially closed at noon. So, I will leave you with Julie and the von Trapp kids…

Enjoy the weekend,

Nicole Vilegi-Sandage
Josef Korbel School of International Studies


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