Office of Misfit Toys

If you visit our office, you will meet our wonderful staff members. However there are some important beings behind the scene who deserve a shout out. Some of these folks have been here longer than anyone else in the office and most of us have no idea where they came from, how long they will stay, or what real purpose they serve. For the record they do not make admission decisions.

Name: Sir Sticky Head

Role: Stick to the ceiling. Gives brownie points to applicants who notice him as it shows their attention to detail.

History: No idea, he has been here much longer than I have. He has an aggressive temper and pretty much sticks to himself.







Name: Pink Chicken

Role: Awkward eye sore who keeps Sir Sticky Head’s attitude in check.

History: Showed up last spring, never left, keeps hanging around. Everyone thinks she is awkward and odd. May or may not be related to the twins…perhaps even their overly protective mother.




Name: The Twins

Role: Task masters who keep our work study students in check.

History: Showed up last spring we don’t have the heart to excuse them from our staff.





Name: Henry

Role: Thumb puppet

History: Given to the Josef Korbel Office of Graduate Admissions by the government of France as a gesture of friendship.





Name: Aloysius

Role: Head of internet security, protects against computer virus’, does not produce results.

History: Given to the Josef Korbel School Office of Graduate Admissions by a good friend and colleague, Matthew Finger.








Name: Brain

Role: Target, stress reliever

History: After staff meetings, we all stand in front of Nicole’s Office door and take turns throwing a ball (that resembles the world) at the brain. Each participant receives three shots. After someone knocks him off his ledge, the staff cheer.




Name: Dry Erase Board

Role: Waste of space, champion of the Hedgehog concept

History: I have no idea where this came from but it will probably be listed for sale on craigslist within the hour, $5 o.b.o.





Next time you’re in our office, say hello to our misfit toys.

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions


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