Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

Jet lag leaves the mind plenty of time to think of odd things. Last night, at 2AM, I kept thinking how different my life would be if I had actually made it to the NBA (I’m 5 foot 9). I wondered how thin I could slice a carrot. I thought about our upcoming international priority deadline (December 15th). A number of you have emailed me to see how strict we are on deadlines so I’ll do my best to provide an answer that is clear as mud.

Submitting an application vs. Completing an application. Submitting an application is the easiest part of the process. To submit an application, you merely go to this link, fill out some simple questions (what is your address and birthdate) then click submit. Completing an application is a totally different matter and it does take some work. To complete your application, you need to submit all the required documents. We found that applicants often struggled the most with submitting three letters of recommendation (there was always one outstanding). To help you with this, we changed our policy to only require two letters of recommendation–sorry PhD applicants, you still need to submit three. You are responsible for finding two individuals to write your letters. It is also your responsibility to follow up with them to make sure they have done it. Applications submitted on January 15th will most likely be late applications unless the required documents were submitted ahead of time.

When is your deadline? For international students (who earned their BA degrees outside of the US) the priority deadline is December 15th, this means all of your documents should be submitted by December 15th. For domestic students (who earned their BA degree inside the US) the priority deadline is January 15th, which means all of your documents should be submitted by January 15th.

Why do international students have an earlier deadline? International students have an earlier deadline because their transcripts need to be translated into a US based 4.0 scale. Our Office of International Admissions (OIA) is kind enough to translate international transcripts into a 4.0 scale for us. Unfortunately, this process often takes approximately 3-4 weeks, therefore, we ask that international students submit all their documents by December 15th so that their completed applications (with interpreted transcripts) can be given to the admission committee by January 15th.

Will my application still be reviewed if I complete it after the priority deadline? Yes…most likely…but it depends. If you complete your application on January 19, it will probably still be reviewed by the Admission Committee. If you submit a complete application in mid-February there is no guarantee that space will remain in our class.  If you are applying to the PhD program, and you don’t complete your application before January 15th you’ll most likely be sent a denied letter.

Data talks. Let’s put it this way: in this fall’s incoming class, the latest application of any incoming student was completed on January 31st. 100% of our enrolling SIE Fellows and PhD students submitted completed applications before January 15th. These are incredibly competitive programs so make yourself competitive by submitting everything by January 15th.

Let me know if you have any questions about our deadlines. Do your best to get everything in on time so we can do our best to give you a timely admissions decision.

Good luck!

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions

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