Last week, I gave a shout out to our current student who are writing about their experiences both inside and outside the classroom. I hope you had a chance to learn more about these fabulously informative and entertaining students who really tell it how it is.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out the full list of current Josef Korbel School student blogs.

Now that the fall quarter is winding down (wrapping up week 7 of the 10 week quarter) and we’ve had some time to get to know the newbies, I would like to piggyback on Brad’s September 20th post – Some quick stats on the incoming class and introduce you to a couple of these fine students.

Meet Majo Aldana, a Guatemalan anthropologist pursuing our International Development degree.

“The Korbel School visited my college at an informative session, and I got really interested. Basically finding out about the program made it one of my first choices.”

Note: I would like to take credit as I believe I was the person who visited her school (as I’m the only Korbel staff member who went to Guatemala)-  thank you very much.

When asked about her favorite classes, she responded;

“I am registered for four classes so it’s been a bit crazy. I have never worked in a quarter system before; it has always been semesters. It’s been really different, and I can’t believe I am on the third week of only ten weeks! There are two classes that really excite me. The first is “Health and Development” with Professor Sandy Johnson. That is one of my concentrations so I am learning a lot, and I like the international perspective she is giving. It is really different from how an anthropologist sees things, even medical and development where you would focus on communities and specific health issues. The other class I’m really liking that I didn’t think I was going to like that much is a
3 credit class: “Issues in Policy Making,” with Professor David Cherney. It’s really, really interesting.”

Read current International Development student, Marìa (Majo) José Aldana’s full profile

Meet Sajay Menon, an Indian-American who completed his Peace Corps service in two countries (Guinea and Zambia).

Sajay is pursuing our International Studies degree through our Peace Corps Fellows program.

“Korbel had a really cohesive program, and I liked that a lot: a specific school for International Studies, fantastic faculty. It had a lot of really good recommendations from Peace Corps actually.”

Ok, I can’t take credit for Sajay but delighted that he is a member of our student body anyway!

When asked what/who his favorite classes/professors are, he responded;

Dr. Lynn Holland is fantastic, and her Comparative Politics class is really great. I really like how she opens class up for discussion. She does do lectures, but she never says
“this is how you need to think.” It’s about giving us different tools you can use, and I like that. I also really like the Global Health class with Dr. Randall Kuhn.
I like all my classes. Right now I have four big papers with four amazing topics that I’m really excited about.”

Read current International Studies student, Sajay Menon’s full profile.

This is just a teaser. If you want to meet more of our first and second year students, check out the Josef Korbel School student profile page.

Please note: We know that A comes before G and C before W, I promise! Our CMS is having some alpha issues at the moment so scroll to the bottom to see the first-year student profiles.

Enjoy the weekend,

Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Josef Korbel School of International Studies


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