I challenge you to find a more perfect fall day then what we are experiencing in Colorado today. Mt. Evans is already snow capped, yet Denver is a perfect 70 degrees, sunny with a light warm breeze. For those of you from Colorado, this is no surprise . For those of you outside of Colorado, you may be interested to learn that Denver is the third sunniest city in America (also #7 for most hail prone but kindly look past that). Last week, a number of prospective students in DC and NYC told me that they would consider Korbel but don’t want to suffer through a Denver winter. To which I replied, “call me in January when I’m walking to the coffee shop sans jacket and you’re wearing a parka while waiting for the bus and we’ll see who is suffering.”  Yes, we get snow, and sometimes we get lots of it–we even got some last Saturday. We also get sunshine–and lots of it. Snow hates sunshine which means our snow does not stick around long.

Perfect weather aside, there are numerous reasons to come to Denver. One is our open house on November 3rd. This is going to be a great event with chances to meet with faculty, the Dean, students and admissions staff. If you are considering visiting Denver this fall, I strongly encourage you to come on November 3rd! You can register here.

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions



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