Exhaustion, Work Experience and Leopard Print

This recruitment trip has been exhausting. I have met lots of people, I have answered lots of questions, I have made plenty of contacts and am currently relaxing in the most ridiculous hotel bathrobe I have ever seen.  Tonight’s APSIA fair at GW was great, thanks to those of you who stopped speak with me, join our mailing list or simply steal borrow my pen (you know who you are and Karma will catch you).

The most common question at tonight’s admissions forum was: “Is work experience required?” the answer to which is yes—and no. We prefer work experience because employers prefer work experience and those who have it tend to have more options after getting their diploma. That being said, we realize we are in the middle of the worst recessions of our lifetime, so work experience will be hard to come by and we will not hold it against you if you do not have it. You will find a job if you join our program sans work experience, but you will need to be extra active in looking for summer internships, networking and not waiting until your final quarter to start your job search.  Simply put, your job search starts the day you start our program.

On another note, I met with the other APSIA Directors this week. Twice a year, we meet to discuss admissions trends and how we can work together to ensure we are finding new and innovative ways to disseminate information to prospective students. For the past 20+ years, we have been traveling the globe meeting with prospective students at graduate school fairs where we stand behind a table, in front of our brochures, answering questions about our programs. Our question for you (and I ask this on behalf of all the Directors of APSIA schools) is how would you like us to interact with you? Would you like us to continue with the admissions fairs or is there another avenue that you would prefer? Would you prefer to interact with us online via chat sessions, would you rather we use more social media? Send (apsia@apsia.org) us your ideas, send us your comments. Send us your frustrations with how we communicate with you and send us suggestions for how to improve our efforts. We hope to hear from you.


Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions



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