On the road again

Willie Nelson is a bit overused, but admit it, you love him and this song is a classic.

I’m leaving for NYC tomorrow. I am actually leaving a bit early to visit some family, but the important thing for you is that I’ll be in New York City on Monday night for the APSIA graduate school fair–which means you’ll want to stop by for a free pen and some life changing wisdom. Granted, some of that wisdom might come from you since I’m taking restaurant suggestions–got any good recommendations?  I like pizza and sushi, but as a general rule shy away from places that serve both.

Not in New York City? It’s cool, I will be in Washington, DC for the APSIA graduate school fair or as most of us APSIA folks like to call it, “the granddaddy of them all”.  This is one of the best* graduate fairs of the year for us and if you come, we’ll try to make it a great experience for you too.

Not in New York or DC, try Denver. We’re hosting our annual DU Graduate Fair on Oct. 6th. I won’t be there, but the jet lagged Nicole Vilegi will be. Stop by, say hello, see campus, grab a cookie.

I hope to see you in one of these cities soon.

*The best college fair in the history of Brad Miller happened in Mumbai in 2007. By the end of the night, I was trapped between my table and the wall with the pressure of eager students leaning against my table for more information. The hotel staff had to escort the college reps through dark and hidden hallways so prospective students would not chase us for more information. At that exact moment, I realized what it was like to be Willie Nelson circa 1973–minus the drugs and long grey hair of course.


Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions



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