Some quick stats on the incoming class

It’s been an incredibly busy two weeks with new and current students on campus. This is bitter sweet in many ways, gone are the slow walks to get coffee which have been replaced with the energy students bring to campus. Bad news for me, I no longer have time for coffee. Good news for me, I don’t need any since the building holds a constant buzz. I am excited about our incoming students; they bring some real experience to the classroom along with an eagerness to do more than just sit in class. They have been actively planning social events outside the classroom, attending numerous on-campus workshops while still finding time to complete the massive amounts of assigned reading. While it is difficult to provide you with a breakdown of all of their backgrounds, I wanted to give you an idea of how they look on paper (which admittedly is a pretty weak way to analyze the group as a whole).

There are 213 incoming MA students who join us from 13 countries. Their average age is 26 and many of them join us with 2-4 years of significant work experience. Some of them are joining us directly from their undergraduate studies. Their average GPA is a 3.46 which they received in undergraduate majors such as: international relations, history, English, economics and ethnomusicology (think anthropology meets music). The average GRE Verbal was 590 and GRE Quantitative score was 610. This class is entering graduate school at a time when the economic and employment situation is rather dire, therefore, many of them are already meeting with our office of Career Services to get a leg up on competitive summer internships and to start their job post grad job search which is a mere 21 months away.

Want to be a member of the incoming class of 2014? Apply now!


Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions


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