Fall’s best friend: chamomile tea

This evening finds me in a New York City hotel room sipping chamomile tea to sooth my raspy voice.

Recruitment season is here which means tomorrow I will be in D.C., Sat in Denver, Sunday en route to Shanghai and next week in Hong Kong/Macau and wrapping up in Bangkok. I will return to Denver just in time to attend my Sept 27th  evening class. Give thanks for Airborne, Jamba Juice and wrinkle free fabric.

I LOVE this time of the year when I have the opportunity to travel and meet tons of enthusiastic/eager prospective students while reconnecting with my gypsy roots. With the first recruitment event of 2011 under my belt, here are the top three questions I answered at this evening’s Idealist NYC event.

What is the minimum Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score required for applying to the Josef Korbel School?

The Josef Korbel School does not have a minimum GRE requirement. Last month, ETS launched the new and improved GRE, complete with a new scoring rubric. The problem: the conversion table won’t be available until November 1st so no one will know what these new scores mean until then. Test takers are provided with an old score range which is semi helpful. To give you some idea of how your scores compare with our incoming students, here are some averages: Verbal-600 Quantitative-600, Analytic-5.0.

While the GRE is an important component, our admissions review committee takes an holistic approach when reviewing applications. The committee is looking for well-rounded applicants that have a solid academic record (most majors are acceptable), amount of relevant work/internship/volunteer experience, positive and informative faculty/professional recommendations and well articulated  career/academic aspirations expressed in the statement of purpose. 

A little tip:  I recommend including the correct school name in the statement of purpose (please don’t tell us how you are excited to work with the incredible faculty at the Fletcher School) and please spell our school name correctly…JOSEF Korbel not JOSEPH Korbel.

Do you have a minimum work experience requirement?

As a member of the Associate of Professional Schools in International Affairs (APSIA), it is recommended that applicants have at least 1-2 years of relevant experience. At the Josef Korbel School,  internships, volunteer work, study abroad and  language skills are considered relevant work experience and are all taken into consideration. The more professional experiences an applicant has, the better s/he is able to contribute to the classroom discussion, to hone in on specific career paths and larger networks to tap upon graduation.

According to one prospective student, the million dollar question was: How many applications do you receive and how many are accepted?

Probably the shortest response all evening – we receive approximately 1,100 applications per year and accept about 55-60%, which varies  and is more competitive each year.

That’s the good word from the Big Apple. Now, if you are in D.C. and plan on attending the Idealist.org event tomorrow, you can save your time and my voice and ask other important questions.

Hope to meet you on the road! No chamomile tea bribes please.

Nicole Vilegi-Sandage
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions


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