Hello, don’t I know you?

I’ve already had the luxury of meeting some of our incoming students, but next week, I get the privilege of meeting the rest of them. This is the great irony of my job. Nicole and I spent the last year reading over their personal statements, listening to their references rave about them, and essentially memorizing their grades from their freshman year organic chemistry—just kidding, that would be creepy. Seriously though, I know you bombed your first year, it’s cool. I have exchanged emails with many of them, phone conversations with others, and even gotten to know some of their parents. We have incoming students from the UK, Seychelles, Guatemala, Austria, South Korea and China, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan and my favorite; the Bahamas. We have recently returned Peace Corps volunteers and recent graduates. We even have a professional volleyball player joining us. Each of them offers something unique to our program and I’m confident that each will eventually make the school proud to call them alumni.
Check back next week when I give a breakdown of the incoming class profile (GRE, GPA, age, etc.)
Also, don’t forget that you can now apply to the Korbel School online, you know, in the event you’re cool with me analyzing your freshman year British Literature grade.
Brad Miller
Director of Graduate Admissions


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