Staying connected with the Josef Korbel School

As we gear up to hit the recruitment road next month, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the many ways you can connect with the Josef Korbel School. Here are some valuable quick links in no particular order:

Josef Korbel School YouTube channel – Check out the featured video – Director of Graduate Admissions, Brad Miller answers the top admissions FAQs.

Josef Korbel School FB page – Things will begin picking up on this channel when classes begin again on Sept 12. Help us break the 2.000 fan mark.

Josef Korbel School Flickr – Take a look at our biweekly photo contest submissions and vote for your favs on our FB page.

Visit us page – Here you will find our fall recruitment schedule, information about individual meetings, info sessions and open houses.

Current student blogs – We get it – they are stale this summer. I am pleased to report that we have 23 new student bloggers, in addition to 6 second year bloggers. They will begin blogging at the end of September so check back then!

Josef Korbel School Twitter account – We are still figuring out if this is a valuable investment of time and energy. Any suggestions?

Sick of social media? Give us a ring, send us a letter through snail mail or swing by our office!


Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions


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