So long summer…

Summer mode at the Josef Korbel School is officially over. Gone are the days of mid-morning coffee runs, longer water cooler chats and open schedules.  The prospective student emails and calls have increased from a trickle to a more consistent flow, we are receiving more questions about the application process and our weekly information sessions are growing. If you are planning a visit, please click here to peruse your options and also refer to Brad’s previous blog for a little campus visit tip.

While I look forward to welcoming our new incoming class, hearing about our second year student’s summer internships and heading on the road to meet new prospective students, the summer always seems to zip by and my lofty summer to-do list is only 75% complete.  So before the leaves begin to burst with color and the snow falls, here are a few of my summer highlights:

  • Cleaning out my filing cabinet – nothing like a good purge.
  • Finally getting my Yo Yo Ma cd from last year’s NPR membership drive. I highly encourage you to listen to it… “Yo Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone.”
  • The fact that the University of Denver (DU) finally installed a new content management system (CMS). You will see a more interactive and dynamic Korbel website over the next few months.
  • My June wedding – but I will honestly say, I’m so glad the planning is over.
  • Our honeymoon in Tanzania/Zanzibar.

So with that, I will leave you with some photos from this amazing not come in

Ageless beauty


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