I read this interesting article this morning on undergraduate students from the liberal arts enrolling in business related summer classes to gain employable skills. Admittedly, as someone who studied the liberal arts myself, I remember entering the working world with a dearth of Excel knowledge–a program I now use every day. That being said, it seems kind of crazy to invest so much time and money in gaining these skills.

While I am pleased to report that the Josef Korbel School offers a practical skills based curriculum for individuals interested in a career in international relations. We don’t offer extremely basic courses in things like Excel 101 (few graduate schools do). The good news is you can teach yourself how to use Excel by simply following these steps:

  1.  Schedule an afternoon for Excel tutorial
  2. Google the following “Excel how to”
  3. Teach yourself!

This will give you a basic understanding of Excel. If you want to learn to write a macro, think about a class:)

What do you think, is it a good idea to enroll in non-degree summer programs to gain basic skills like Excel?


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