Top three classes I would take if I had time to take classes

A few months ago, the fall schedule of classes came out and I begin to salivate. The best part about my job is that I’m surrounded by intelligent people who are willing to share their knowledge with future world leaders (our students). I’m fortunate  enough to be in the middle, like a fly on the wall, watching these exchanges take place. Unfortunately for me, I’ll be spending my fall in New York, DC and Seoul and since our classes only last for 10 weeks at a time, there is no way for me to take a class without missing a majority of the lectures. A guy can still dream though right? Let’s pretend for a second that I would be able to take classes this quarter. These would be among my top three:

  1. Intro to Middle East & Islamic politics with Dr. Nader Hashemi. Sure, this is an intro level class, but it is also being taught by a highly sought after Middle East expert in Dr. Hashemi. Last spring, he was one of the experts commenting on the Middle East.
  2. International Futures: Global Change and Development with Dr. Barry Hughes.  Professor Hughes’ is one of the leaders in the field of international futures and consults with organizations such as the European Union and Google to forecast potential global scenarios.
  3. Population, Development & Society with Dr. Randall Kuhn. The course description book says that this course will “subvert the raw manipulation of demographic factoids with a critical understanding of the moderate but significant role of population in determining the fates of our planet and society”. Did he just say determining the fates of our planet and society? Sign me up.

Check out our course listings to see what you would take.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions


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