I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends at tomorrow’s APSIA conference in San Francisco. Prospective students are surprised to hear that APSIA schools even speak to each other given that we compete for the same students. The truth is we work well together—which is a major reason APSIA schools are viewed as the top programs in the world.  Each spring, the APSIA admissions’ group meets to determine where we want to hold next fall’s admission forums.   We will then proceed to travel the globe together in search of future world leaders (the Amazing Race has nothing on us). After this week’s meeting, we hope to have the APSIA fair schedule finalized. Be sure to check the APSIA website for additional information.

There are plenty of reasons to consider APSIA schools like the Josef Korbel School.  Along with a great reputation, an alumni network employed throughout the world in some of the most prominent organizations, APSIA schools are focused on producing practitioners who enter the field prepared to contribute. To help students navigate their career search process (and belief us when we say it is a process), APSIA schools have individual Career Services Offices dedicated to the field of international relations. Naturally, I’m biased, but I really do believe the Josef Korbel School’s Office of Career and Professional Development works harder than any other career office in the country in advising, networking and training students on the job search process.

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions



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