Brad wasn’t kidding…

No doubt about it – summer is here and the entire university is desolate– with the exception of staff and the occasional student who wants to squeeze in one more cuddle with the library’s bright orange retro chairs before it shuts its doors for renovations.

What summer means to me: My choice of treadmills at the gym, walks to Kaladis Coffee shop to not only get my fav cup of joe but to defrost from the intolerable a/c and two emails in the inbox after an hour-long lunch break.

What summer means to you: Ample opportunities for one-on-one information interviews, undivided attention from the admissions staff (not that we don’t provide that during the academic year, but a normal 30 min info session in the summer may turn into an hour-long chat), opportunities to have your current student questions answered by our wonderful student employee, Liz!

If you are planning a trip to Colorado and the Josef Korbel School – summer is a wonderful time to visit. There’s a million and one things to do – from art walks (free), jazz in the park concerts (free), Red Rocks concerts (not free, but AMAZING), hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park or picnicking in nearby Wash Park. To plan your visit around what’s going on in Denver and surrounding area, click here for the city of Denver’s event calendar.

Come distract us!

Happy summer,

Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions


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