Summer Time

Summer time in our office is just what the doctor ordered. Finally we have time to make coffee runs to Kaladi Brothers, clean our desks (see before and after below) and plan out next year. We are still only planning to offer one enrollment period (fall 2012) and will have an application deadline of January 15, 2012.  The application will be available in early September.

All this talk of 2012 makes my head hurt (next year is an election and an Olympics year!). After all, that is more than 6 months away. For now, let’s focus on the important things, like coffee, clean desks…and you.  We are interested in speaking with you. Let us know what questions you have, how we could make the admission process easier for you and what you need to know to help make your decision. Post your comments to our blog or email us at

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions

Brad’s desk before
Brad's Desk After

Brad's Desk After


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