The New Class

The deposit deadline has passed and we are delighted to have our class of 200 MA students joining us in September. Most of you are probably interested in the traditional incoming data (average GRE scores, program of study etc) and we will be happy to provide that data in September once we know for certain who joins us—but seeing how a lot can, and will, change between now and September’s orientation,  I’ll provide three fun facts about the incoming class.

Always a fool for maps, I plugged everyone’s city and state (addresses excluded for privacy reasons) into a geo coding website and came up with this map of the Josef Korbel School’s incoming class. If you are missing from this map it is most likely because you are stationed abroad and APO addresses do not transfer.

The average age of incoming students is 25.86. Technically, after the third grade, you should stop stating your age in anything other than the year (my niece insists that she’s six and three quarters). Using the approach of my niece, I suppose that makes the average incoming student 25 years and 314 days old. Happy birthday in 51 days.

The incoming class loves gmail. 69.5% of them have a gmail account, with that; make sure you read up on the University of Denver’s new policy on student emails.

If you want to be part of our fall 2012 incoming class, the application goes live in late August!

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions

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