And now a word from the Josef Korbel School’s Director of Student Affairs, Susan Rivera

I’m pleased to introduce this week’s guest blogger, Susan Rivera, Director of the Office of Student Affairs at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.  The office staff includes Susan, Colleen Ryan, Student Affairs Coordinator, David Levine, Associate Dean and three work study student.

Please read on to learn more about the services provided through the Office of Student Affairs.


Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions

The Josef Korbel School of International Studies is an exciting and vibrant place to work and learn.  The Office of Student Affairs provides academic advising, assistance in course selections, manages student groups and coordinates orientation and commencement receptions.

Several times a year we sponsor Town Hall Meetings to discuss important upcoming initiatives.  This spring we are excited to have our Town Hall Meeting focus on languages here at DU.  We have a new Center for World Languages and Cultures, and the staff will be here at Korbel to discuss their new summer language program for graduate students.

Our office also coordinates all of the course schedules and the tentative fall 2011, winter 2012, and spring 2012 schedules are now posted on our portfolio site.  We also coordinate the mandatory fall 2011 new student orientation from September 6-8. The schedule can be found by clicking here.  Orientation is very different from the Discover Korbel event. Discover Korbel provides a “snapshot” view of our program, whereas orientation will delve more deeply into requirements of the program.  In order for students to register for fall classes, they must attend orientation.

We welcome prospective students and newly admitted students to contact us, visit with us, and let us get to know you!  Student Affairs will work with you from orientation through graduation (and beyond)!

Susan Rivera
Director of Student Affairs
Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Thank you Susan. The list doesn’t end there, this is a busy office, serving over 450 students but they manage to find time to also coordinate the Josef Korbel School in D.C. program. This provides students with an opportunity to spend their second fall quarter in D.C., interning during the day and taking classes in the evening. Students can actually begin their internship in June – July and continue until December, creating a substantial six-month professional experience. Each fall we send approximately 20 students to participate in this program.

More information about the Josef Korbel in D.C. program

The Office of Student Affairs also coordinates the mandatory fall orientation event. As Susan mentioned, while Discover Korbel is more of a “snapshot” of what to expect when you enroll at the Josef Korbel School, orientation provides a wealth of information about scheduling courses (students have a mandatory faculty advising session during orientation), concentrations, policies and procedures and a mandatory career session to gain access to our internal resources. Please note: incoming students cannot register for fall classes until orientation.

Fall 2011 orientation schedule

Course schedules

2011-12 Academic calendar


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