The Forecast

Two weeks ago it was 62 degrees in Denver. Last week it was -13.  The only certainty in Denver’s winter weather is that you have no idea what is coming.  Yesterday’s half foot of fresh powder is tomorrow’s 65 and sunny run around Wash Park.  Application season on the other hand is more predictable than a James Bond flick.  From January to the end of February we will be (and are) buried in applications.  The good news, much like the weather (high of 54 on Sunday), is that the end is in site. As of today, 77% of our applications are complete and the Admissions Committee is slowly but surely working our way through them. Those of you with incomplete applications, and you know who you are, let’s show some hustle!

For you, all this means that decision letters should be emailed out in early March. Yes, you heard correctly, all decision letters are emailed, not mailed. This serves two purposes. First and foremost, it’s instant! You don’t need to wait by the mailbox for a week before you hear from us. Second, it actually gets to you. We’ve had too many letters returned to us because, well, let’s face it, you’re interesting people and interesting people tend to be transient. Besides, I’ve never really trusted letters to arrive when they are sent to addresses that include “2nd yellow house behind the bridge”. Sorry Peace Corps volunteers, but you are hard to reach.

Decision letters will be sent to the email address that you used for your online application. If you really want/need (i.e. visa purposes) a hard copy of the letter, we will be happy to send it to you.

On a side note, and if any of you care, when I put down the pile of applications at night, here is what I’ve been picking up:

Jefferson’s Demons by Michael Knox Beran. Ever since my time living in Charlottesville I’ve been obsessed with finding out what made TJ tick.

Run Less Run Faster by Pierce, Murr and Moss. If any of you live incredible busy lives like me, yet hope to set a personal record in next fall’s Denver Rock and Roll marathon, this is the book for you. Keep in your files for next year when you are assigned a book per week.

F is For Farm by Roger Priddy. I have serious concerns if you read this book on your own volition. I read it because my son hates the aforementioned books and loves it when I quack like a duck.

Brad Miller

Director of Graduate Admissions


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