Common Questions about the GRE


Q: My scores are not ideal, so I want to retake the test at the end of December, will they get there in time?

A: It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for scores to arrive at the University of Denver. If you take the GRE at the end of December, there is a good chance that your scores will not arrive by January 15. Application materials that arrive after the deadline cause an application to be incomplete. This only means that it will not be reviewed by our priority deadline and will only be reviewed on a space available basis. Chances of it being reviewed after the deadline are pretty high, but the longer you wait to submit documents the lower your chances become (early February = good, early March = bad). Just try your best to submit all your materials (including GRE scores) as soon as possible.

Q: What will happen if you don’t get my GRE scores by the deadline?

A: If we don’t get your GRE scores by our deadline we’ll review your application a little later. Again, there is a chance that our admission spots may have filled up, but please proceed with submitting all your documents as soon as you can.

Q: I applied last year—do you still have the scores I sent back then? Can I use those or do I need to send a new score report?

A: We retain GRE scores for five years, so if you submitted GRE scores within the last five years they are still on file.

Q: What are your minimum GRE requirements?

A: We do not have a minimum GRE requirement.

Q: What is your institution code? Do I need a department code?

A: The University of Denver’s institution code is 4842, a department code is not required.


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