Fall 2010 Orientation in full effect

The summer is officially over! On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to empty halls, available parking spots and a wee bit of extra time around the water cooler as approximately 200 new students joined us for orientation. While it’s certainly a long week, chock full of session after session about curriculum, financial aid, career services, faculty advising, etc. the grand final is today…registration! Classes here at the Josef Korbel School will begin bright and early Monday morning and it will be a whirl wind quarter for all of those newbies who have never been on a 10 week quarter system. But, they all adjust and most times, students enjoy such terms better then semesters due to the additional term/year that provides 3-4 more classes per year.

This is a rather interesting time in the graduate admissions office. We are delighted to put faces with names for all of these new students, some of which, we’ve communicated with for 2-3 years as they explored their graduate school options, went through the admissions process, wrapped up their job, Peace Corps service or undergraduate program and now they are here. As we welcome them to Korbel and turn them over to the student affairs and career offices,  we are also gearing up to begin recruiting the fall 2011 cohort.  So, if you are a prospective student, we would love to see you on the road this year or here at our open house event, info session or just a good ole one-on-one admissions interview.

Cheers to another great year at the Josef Korbel School!


Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions


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