Summer courses have begun at the Josef Korbel School

This week we welcomed 13 new MA students to the Josef Korbel School who hit the ground running. The summer is a unique  quarter as courses are only four weeks long and meet twice a week for three and a half hours. Our typical 10 week courses during the fall, winter and spring quarters meet once a week for three hours.  So, within two weeks of class, students are working on midterms. In four weeks, they are wrapping up their final papers/exams. My advice for students taking summer courses here; pace yourself!

What courses do students take in the summer? Mostly core international studies courses such as International Political Economy, International Political Theory, Comparative Politics, Politics of Development and U.S. Foreign Policy, all of which are 5 credits/course. Summer quarter is a great opportunity for students to get a head start on their program. For some, they can finish their program the following summer or fall if they take 18 credits (4 courses) per quarter and they will receive an earlier registration time then the incoming fall students. The downside is that we don’t offer scholarships for the summer quarter, the course offerings are limited and there’s a lot of information to digest in a short period of time.

To check out our fall schedule of courses, click here.

The next cohort to join us: our Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) students! These 26 students will take part in a 4-week preMDP boot camp before their fall courses begin.  To learn more about this program, click here.

Our incoming fall cohort of approximately 200 students will join us for orientation on Tuesday, September 7th, which is certainly sneaking up on us!

For those prospective students interested in learning more about our programs, our fall recruitment schedule is live on our website so check it out! We hope to have an opportunity to meet with you in the upcoming months, whether we are in your city or you are in ours. To learn more about the ways you can meet with us, click here.

Be in touch if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit  by emailing or calling 303.871.2544.


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