Next stop: graduation.

The final week of our spring quarter is wrapping up and stress levels are fairly high (surprise, surprise). Graduation will take place next Friday and I while I look forward to congratulating our new grads, I always find this time of the year bittersweet.  Each year I think, this was the best class ever! Then the next cohort graduates and I find myself saying the same thing. After four rounds of graduation, I’ve come to the realization that we have an exceptional student body. It’s that simple. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly two years goes by! I get a bit sentimental as I think back to April 2008 when I met many of these students at our Discover Korbel event for admitted students. At this event, we bombarded them with information about what to expect from our graduate programs and where they got to know their future peers, advisors and staff support. Then, September rolled around and we saw their anxiety ridden faces at orientation, a week before they began their graduate school journey. With one year under their belt, they returned for the fall 2009 quarter filled with incredible experiences and stories to share about their summer internship, whether in Maputo, Mozambique, Jerusalem, Israel or Washington D.C.  And here we are, full circle – families flying in to attend the commencement ceremony, celebration announcements clogging inboxes and the mixed emotions of excitement, fear, anxiety… what’s next?!

I would like to make a special shout out to our very own student admissions assistants, Kylle Jordan (MA GFTEI) and Kristin Hissong (MA INTS), who are graduating this spring/summer. And of course Kara Jacobs who graduated in March and worked in our office for three years as she pursued a dual MA/iMBA program. While I knew this time would come, I selfishly hoped they would disregard their pursuit of employment elsewhere and simply continue  working in our office. Unfortunately (but fortunately) that is not the case.

Congratulations Korbel graduates – cheers to the class of 2010!


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