An update on the admissions review process…

I hope you enjoyed getting to know our Director of Admissions, Brad Miller, from the previous post. My apologies for not posting last week but I think you will be pleased to know that I was busy reviewing applications so we can get decisions out to all of you anxiously awaiting (COMPLETE) applicants.  I will try to be more consistent with posting something new every Wednesday afternoon so do check back often. If there is something you would like me to specifically focus on, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email ( and I am more than happy to incorporate it into my postings.

Speaking of which, it has been brought to our attention that many of you would like an update from our office regarding the review process and we are happy to provide additional information.

Perhaps we were overly optimistic in November/December when applications began accumulating by setting the goal of notifying applicants of the committee’s decision by early-mid February.  While many applicants have received notification, there are quite a few of you out there awaiting an email/letter…an update of some form or another. We can imagine that this is an incredibly stressful time for all of you but rest assured that our committee is maintaining an impressive pace in reviewing the record numbers of applications we’ve received.

One area that may need some clarification is what constitutes a complete application. This not only means you’ve submitted your application but all of your supplemental materials have also been received and processed. This includes test scores, letters of rec, transcripts, etc.

While time seems to be standing still, we respectfully request that you hold tight and know that we are conducting thorough reviews which, while time consuming, is well worth the effort as we shape our incoming autumn cohort.   You will be hearing from our office in the not too distant future if you completed your application on or before our priority deadline.

Ok, back to reviewing files so I will keep this brief.

Good luck,


One thought on “An update on the admissions review process…

  1. Hi Nicole,
    There’s one issue I’m wondering if you could respond to on the blog-In my researching online, I came across a message board thread that discussed some Korbel grad students’ difficulty with getting into the classes they need/want, due to the class sizes being capped and not having enough classes offered for the size of the yearly intake. With the record number of applicants for this fall term, do the admissions office see this as a potential problem?

    Thanks! I think we’d all take you reviewing apps over blogging anyday. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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