Your application is complete…Now what?!

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Congratulations. You have successfully navigated the Korbel application process in a timely manner (if not, scroll down and read last week’s blog) as last Friday was our priority deadline. The stress from tweaking your statement of purpose, obsessively checking to see if your recommenders finally submitted their letters and your university’s Registrars office came through and mailed us your transcripts is over.  Your fingernails are beginning to grow back and DU’s myWEB online application system is no longer your BFF. Sigh. of. relief.

Now you are beginning to fixate on the next step…is my application in review? When will I know if I’ve been accepted? When will I know if I got a scholarship? What should I do now, WHAT’S NEXT?!!!!

First and foremost…breathe. Go to a yoga class, kundalini would be my pick in this situation. An unknown artist once said; “the secret of patience is doing something else in the meanwhile.” Let me provide you with some information to better equip you to handle the stress of uncertainty and to distract your mind (and save your fingernails) in a constructive way.

I am pleased to inform you that the application review process is fully under way. A committee comprised of faculty and staff is currently being inundated with biweekly lists of applicant names to review. Yours may be one of them this week, not to make you nervous. If your application (this doesn’t mean the application alone, this means your ENTIRE application, which includes supplemental materials) has been processed, our office will be notifying you of the committee’s decision around the end of February (approximately). How will we notify you?

Best case scenario: You’re accepted!
We will send a message to the email address listed in your application which will contain a pdf of your acceptance letter along with a pdf admissions packet (save the trees).  If you want to frame a hard copy of this letter, we offer the option of mailing one, just email and confirm you current mailing address. In addition to your acceptance letter and admissions packet, there will be a pdf funding letter describing any departmental merit scholarships offered to you. Need based funding will be emailed to you at a later date from the University of Denver’s Office of Financial Aid (that is, if you fill out a FAFSA, more on this later).

Purgatory: You are waitlisted.
Could be better. Could be worse. The waiting game continues. If you are placed our waitlist, unfortunately I don’t have too much advice. Get an unlimited 2-month membership to a yoga studio, hold tight and refer to the RWE quote above. In fact, super glue it to the back of your hand.

Worst case scenario: You’re denied admission.
We will send a hard copy letter to the mailing address provided in your application. If, after evaluating your application and determining potential areas where you can improve (and take actions to do so), you decide to reapply, you are welcome to do so for a future quarter. If it’s within one year from the time of your previous application, the Office of Graduate Studies will have your materials on file. You will simply need to log into your old friend, DU’s myWEB with your login information (keep that login and password somewhere handy), fill out a new application and on the final page select “mail payment.” Send a check to the Office of Graduate Studies in the amount of $20 and write “reapplication fee.”

Office of Graduate Studies
University of Denver
Mary Reed Building
Room 5
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208

It is not looked upon negatively if you decide to reapply, however, it is strongly encouraged that you seriously consider the areas you can improve on and heck, I don’t know, improve those areas? Our admissions is becoming increasingly more competitive each year so submitting the same exact application you were rejected with will unlikely translate into the results you desire.

Now for some distractions. What should you be DUing (play on letters, new University of Denver (DU) internal tagline). If you want to be a student here, get familiar with this one whether you like it or not.

Here are some recommendations for things to do while playing the waiting game:

  1. Fill out your FAFSA. It doesn’t matter which school you decide to go to you will likely need to take out some form of loan unless you are independently wealthy, the FAFSA is the first step. As soon as you receive your taxes, submit this form. Click here for a direct link to the FAFSA. The priority deadline for incoming students here at DU is March 1st.
  2. Peruse our list of external scholarships, grants, fellowships, etc. Hey, every little bit helps so take some time to do your research. If you are from Middleburgh, New York, skateboard, prefer your coffee with sugar in the raw and were accepted to an MA program in Int’l Development there may just be a scholarship out there for you. Click here to begin the search on our website. Please note: this is by no means an end all be all list but a helpful resource to get you started. Also, an even more comprehensive list will be posted within the next couple of weeks. Are we good or what?
  3. Start training your eyes to read into the wee hours of the morning. If you want some light reading, take a look at our student endorsed recommended reading list along with our degree director recommended reading list. Both of these are in the process of being revamped and will be posted in the next few weeks. I will post a message on this blog when the reading lists are available so check back regularly!

Alright smarty pants. So you’ve already been accepted, filled out your FAFSA, found external scholarships and are cool as a cucumber. Good for you. Here are a few more things to do:

  1. Sign up for our Discover Korbel event for admitted students. This is an event that shouldn’t be missed. Information can be found in your admissions packet.
  2. Join our admitted student facebook page and get to know fellow admitted students and our terrific student moderator, Kylle Jordan, (she’s a girl by the way and isn’t a fan of people using masculine pronouns when talking about her). You will also have exclusive access to our shhhhadow page, chock full of resources to assist you with your upcoming transition to big kids school.

I hope this information has eased your mind a bit. As always, feel free to contact our office if you have any additional questions.
Next week’s blog: What goes on outside of the classroom at the Josef Korbel School?

Take time,

Nicole Vilegi
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
Josef Korbel School of International Studies


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