Get to know a Korbel Grad

Anya Cherneff

Anya Cherneff, a Josef Korbel School of International Studies, Class of ’10, MA International Human Rights has been extremely busy since graduation. She co-founded and is the Executive Director of Empower Generation, a social business empowering women to power their communities with clean energy in Nepal.

She wrote to us saying, “I attribute the immense impact we have created for women and the energy poor in this short time to this determination of spirit, enhanced by the skills and experiences gained from my time spent at JKSIS.”

Recently, Anya gave a TEDx Talk on her work to create women-led, market-based distribution to bring power to the 20% of the world’s population living in darkness. Her talk can be viewed here!

We are proud of Anya’s work, and we look forward to what she will do in the future!

Keep Calm and…

Keep Calm and relax?

Keep Calm and wait patiently?

Keep Calm and meditate?

I know, all of those things are difficult to hear in this stressful time. Our priority application deadline is approaching, we tell you to send in documents that you know you already sent and I try to keep you calm with hackneyed bumper sticker slogans.

Here’s the deal. Given the volume of mail, we are on about a 2 week delay with matching documents to your application. We are doing our best to match everything up, but these piles of mail do take time. Rest assured that you will not be docked in any way if application items come in after the deadline. Just trust that if you sent us documents, we have them in our possession and will quickly match them with your online application.

Brad Miller

Director of Admissions

Make a resolution to learn about the Center for Middle East Studies

The Korbel School is home to the Center for Middle East Studies which is dedicated to the study of Middle East politics, history and culture. As part of their mission, the Center for Middle East Studies facilities guest speakers and relevant research. Last year, the Center hosted a guest lecture by Iranian Foreign Minister and Korbel Alumnus Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif. Watch the interview below.

Learn about the Sie Center

The Korbel School is home to the Sié Cheou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy. The Sié Center produces valuable research in areas such as:

  1. Nonviolent Strategies in Violent Settings
  2. Fisheries and Conflict
  3. Food Security and Conflict

Learn more about the Sié Center and their research here. Got 12 minutes? Watch Professor Erica Chenoweth’s TED talk.

Korbel in DC

Obviously, Korbel is not the only IR school in DC, but while we are located in Denver, we are also located in DC. Wait, What?

Korbel offers a program in Washington, DC. The Korbel DC program allows students to pursue an internship in Washington, DC from June to December.  Along with the internship, Korbel students take classes through a consortium with Pitt’s GSPIA and Syracuses’ Maxwell School. Credits earned in the Korbel DC program count towards your Korbel degree. The Korbel DC program allows students to gain professional work experience while they earn their degree. Learn more about the Korbel DC program.

Learn about the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research

Korbel is one of the only International Relations schools to offer a concentration in public opinion research. Through courses such as International Public Opinion and Foreign Policy and a methodological course on designing public opinion surveys, students gain an understanding of how public opinion impacts foreign policy. Each year, at least one student is selected as a Crossley Scholar.  This opportunity includes scholarship funding and internship funding to work in the field of public opinion research while enrolled at the Josef Korbel School. Crossley Scholars are selected based off the submission of an essay about a relevant topic in foreign policy and public opinion research. This year’s Crossley Scholarship question will be released in mid-January.  Interested in becoming a Crossley Scholar? Apply to Korbel today. Learn more about the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research here.

You can only find this IF you look at Korbel

Don’t worry, not a typo in the title. Read on:

The Korbel School is the only school of international relations to offer courses in International Futures (IFs). Never heard of Ifs? Check out this video to learn more.  Through the Pardee Center for International Futures, the IFs model is used in consulting roles with organizations such as: Oxfam, NEPAD, UN Development Programme, UN Environment Programme.  It is also used by governments in Peru, The United States and South Africa as well as the private sector. Learn more about IFs and the Pardee Center of International Futures here.